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Top 5 College Comedy Movies To Watch

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Top College Comedy Movies

1. 22 Jump Street (2014)
This movie has a lot of sequels, and each one hits the blockbuster. The comedy is phenomenal that even though it is already considered a long time film, every generation that comes to see it definitely enjoys every part of the movie. The story is about two young cops who are into an undercover department and find themselves infiltrating a college school to solve a drug-related case.
2. Pitch Perfect (2012)
Director Jason Moore worked on this musical comedy film that takes place in college. The story goes around on the acapella group called Barden Bellas wherein they are up for a competition against other colleges and must win the national level. This movie hits the blockbuster and continues to have a sequel in 2015 and 2017 respectively.
3. American Pie Present: Beta House (2007)
This is the sequel of the American Pie movie. This time, it was placed on a college theme because Erick Stifler is a freshman who pledges in a fraternity house. Every American Pie movie that hits the mainstream becomes a blockbuster. Critics see it as a sexy film that is why most of the viewers are college students and adults.
4. Everybody wants some (2016)
Set in the year 1980, the story goes around college students who play baseball combined with a whole lot of comedy twists. This movie captures the attention of every viewer because of its brilliant screenplay that is written by Richard Linklater who is also the director of the film.
5. Drumline (2002)
Probably this would be now a classic for the new generation, but the story and humor it has will certainly entertain college students up to the future. From the start to the climax of the movie, viewers certainly do not want to stand up and miss every scene. Starring the famous Nick Cannon, this 2002 film will not just make you laugh but also will give you the inspiration you need.
Watching these college comedy movies is the best thing to do while you are enjoying your college life. Besides, a little time-off and fun will be fine for college students.