The Rules
Videos must not exceed 3 minutes.
Anyone under the age of 18 appearing in a video must have parental consent.
Videos must not contain any copyrighted material (including copyrighted background music) unless you have the rights to the material.
Videos must be the entrant's original creation.
69 Hour Filmfest is not responsible for any statements or opinions contained in entrants' videos.
Videos must be in the English language or subtitled.
If your video includes persons other than yourself, you must have consent from those persons to appear in your video and in this contest.
69 Hour Filmfest reserves the right to reject, not to use or make available for public viewing, or at any time remove any video that 69 Hour Filmfest finds unsuitable for any reason at its sole discretion.
Multiple entries are allowed.
All submitted videos may be used for promotional purposes by 69 Hour FIlmfest.
All movies are due back to The Hangar (151 Sampson St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30312) by Sunday, November 9th at 9pm in Quicktime (.mov) or MP4 format. Submissions can be brought via external hard drive or thumb drive or CD/DVD. As long as you can transfer it to us, we're golden. Dropbox to [email protected]
Got questions?
Email us at